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A Virtual Sales Presentation is Sales and Marketing that lives up to your products. Targeting prospective clients and working relentlessly on your behalf.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Easy to use, fast to set up, no costly upfront hardware expenditure, maintenance free and pay as you go scaleability.


We provide the software to connect you to your clients. The software does all the hard work for you.
Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Desktop PC, Apple mac, iphone/iPad or Android. No matter what device you send to, we ensure its delivered on the
Outsourced seeding

Outsourced seeding

If you require a sales team to help run your Virtual Sales Presentation, talk to us about fully managed campaigns.
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Why do you need a VSP?

Engineering industries are evolving. The pressure to keep innovating is huge. Research and development programmes, new equipment and highly skilled workforces all need investment. Competition is incredibly tough and you still have to bridge the skills gap. That means margins are tight. Sales and Marketing must deliver tangible results. There is no room for error.

What will a VSP do for you?

A VSP delivers measurable results. It’s a unique, comprehensive technology invented by us. You target prospective clients with a message that’s impossible to ignore. You can explain complex products, technology, software and new ideas, quickly and simply using bespoke films, PDFs, email and much more. You can talk your customers’ language, demonstrate your products, show them your facilities and factories. And keep on targeting them automatically for months, if not years.


Reaching out
Your sales force has to get in front of your potential customer, in some cases, this can require months of work and you're not always guaranteed a warm welcome when you finally get an appointment. If your product or service is high volume, the chances are that you will not have the luxury of making personal sales visit at all.

The Virtual Sales Presentation bypasses all the normal procedures of trying to book an appointment, preparing for the meeting and travelling to the customer. All your potential customers have to do is click on a link from an email or website and the Virtual Sales Presentation starts playing in a matter of seconds.
Qualifying leads
Qualifying potential customers is vital. After all, who wants to spend time and money travelling to meet people who may not want your product or service? It’s a waste of time and a financial burden on the company.

The Virtual Sales Presentation eliminates the need to qualify a sales meeting; by the end of the Virtual Sales Presentation, your customer will fully understand your offering. Any subsequent meetings or phone will be more effective.
Consistent messages
Once you've overcome the challenge of qualifying a potential customer and obtaining a sales meeting, it's then down to the quality of your sales team to deliver a consistent sales message. However, this is easier said than done. If you rely on reseller channels, the chances are you have very little, or no control, over the sales process, a problem that can cost a company dearly.

With a Virtual Sales Presentation the content will be delivered exactly the same way every time to an impeccably high standard - no mistakes, no forgetting important information, no “not feeling too good today”, just a spot on, totally word-perfect delivery. You can even brand your Virtual Sales Presentation to reflect your resellers' company allowing them to receive the same benefits while retaining brand control. What’s more, the Virtual Sales Presentation can be delivered to hundreds of people at the same time, anywhere in the world, 24/7. It can even be sent to colleagues too.
Customers will only buy once they're confident that they'll be happy with the product or service on offer. Without buying it first, how will they ever know? This predicament makes the sales cycle slow, especially on high-value purchases.

A Virtual Sales Presentation can incorporate factory tours, software demonstrations, product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and animation. In fact, no matter what your company does, we will have a creative way to demonstrate your product or service, helping to overcome any doubts your customer may have.
Tracking and marketing
Your Virtual Sales Presentation will be a fantastic aid to your Sales and Marketing department. However, if you want to maximise your Virtual Sales Presentation we can help you actively market online with ad campaigns and online advertising as well as using our telesales force.

This means as well as your sales team using the product to increase conversion, the Virtual Sales Presentation will be working hard to create new opportunities and bring new prospects through the door. This can all be measured with online analytics and continued consultancy. We will maximise your marketing budget and deliver results.

What does a typical campaign look like?

A Virtual Sales Presentation campaign can run for 1 day, or 10 years, the choice is yours and you can run as many campaigns
as you desire simultaneously. Here is an example.

Day one

Send a prospect a totally tailored bespoke presentation

This is the very first thing the prospect will see. Presented with their own URL, the presentation can be totally tailored to their requirements. Not only does it show the client their own branding, it also features hard-hitting movies based around their needs. Talking their language, making you look the perfect fit.
Day Four


Everyone is busy, right? It's not surprising that it takes on average 12 touches to make a sale and you can't expect your prospect to jump straight away. You can programme the system to follow up as many times as you feel fit.
Day six to Thirty


Now your re-marketing starts through your choice of partners. This means your prospect starts to see your adverts in different locations on the internet, whether it be text, banners or videos. This ensures you're not forgotten and keeps you at the front of the prospect's mind in a subtle but powerful way.
Day Sixty

Start to close

Now your prospect knows who you are, what you do and why they should talk to you. From here, the Virtual Sales Presentation can physically post printed mail such as a letter, flyer or even a brochure.
Day Seventy

Over to you

Now it's down to you. The prospect is warm and the Virtual Sales Presentation automatically contacts your appointed sales person to make contact and follow-up on the lead.
Day Seventy to Infinity

Keep it going

Your prospect might not be ready, even though you are the perfect fit. Where your sales people might forget, the Virtual Sales Presentation will not!

About Us

We listen to your ideas, learn about your business and develop Virtual Sales Presentations that help you meet precise business objectives. We are a full-service agency, offering a complete end-to-end solution.

The Virtual Sales Presentation, combined with our experience, resources and people, can meet your needs and take your business to the next level.



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