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We invented and now manufacture a unique product called a Green Sleeve. This allows golfers to clean their golf balls when on the green. Whilst this is a relatively simple product, there are many benefits for the golfer but also for retailers, golf clubs, charities and event organisers. Golf is big business.
We received an enquiry from a major potential client and we were required to send some further information. We took a gamble and used the Virtual Sales Presentation to send them a tailored presentation, this presentation took a couple of minutes to build and send.

Best results for the Green sleeve golf

The end result was the prospect received a highly tailored presentation with only the sales messages that were relevant to them, a focused message is everything. The flexibility of the Virtual Sales Presentation allows us to upload bespoke graphics at various points in time during the presentation; we were able to use this function to overlay the prospective client's logo onto our product to give them a general feel as to how their bespoke product would look for them!

Customers Appreciation

Green Sleeve found the use of the Virtual Sale Presentation highly advantageous. Through having the ability to see if high-value prospects had watched the VSP, as well as how many times they had watched it, Green Sleeve were able to appropriately manage their follow-up regime.

On following up with the client, the feedback was 'great product and a great presentation, we like the way you do business', this was unsolicited.

The Green sleeve golf conclusion

I can't think of a better way to demonstrate our product and open up doors. I would definitely recommend anyone with an outgoing sales force to take a serious look at the Virtual Sales Presentation; it could be a game changer!

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