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Sales performance can be difficult to measure with any degree of accuracy.

The problem is you can measure a sales person’s activity quite easily. You can tell how many calls they’re making and emails they’re sending. But measuring activity alone is misleading. You need to be able to accurately measure their effectiveness at all stages of the sales cycle too. The Virtual Sales Presentation is the only system available that can currently offer this combined measurement matrix.


For example, imagine you are the manager of a 10-man sales team. Like all sales teams, you have your superstars and your…well, not so good sales people. Currently, you don’t have a Virtual Sales Presentation to measure results for you.
One of your salesmen, John, is making 400 outbound sales calls per week and on the surface of things he looks like your superstar sales person. Sarah is making 150 sales calls per week and sending out only 80 emails per week.
On the surface, you might think our superstar is John. However, with a Virtual Sales Presentation, you’d instantly spot the problem. You see, at the end of the week, the Virtual Sales Presentation sends you a weekly (or daily/monthly) report and while it’s true that John is more active than Sarah, only 40 of the 150 emails he’s sending out are actually being read by the recipient. So John’s activity is visible and high but his hidden effectiveness is very low.

With a Virtual Sales Presentation, effectiveness is not measured by the amount of emails sent, or even being read, but by the amount of time the user is consciously watching the presentation. Because John’s effectiveness is so low, it’s having a wider effect on your company. He’s ‘burnt’ many of your prospects, and that means the company cannot contact John’s wasted sales leads now until a sufficient amount of time has passed, otherwise it will do more damage to the brand.

Spotting and using your superstar sales people

Sarah is only sending 80 emails per week but she is getting engagement from 70 of her contacts. This is because she is far more methodical than John, doing more research and not just playing the numbers game. The Virtual Sales Presentation measures her as highly effective as the vast majority of prospects are watching the videos all the way through – and passing them around the office. Sarah is doing everything right and she can teach your other sales staff her secrets.

Measuring the effectiveness of third-party sales teams

If you choose to engage with an outbound telesales operation, this is a vital tool. Any third-party will want to tell you how much work they have done and how many contacts they have made. Basically, just how busy they’ve been on your behalf. None of this is relevant; the only relevant information is did your message reach the prospect? The Virtual Sales Presentation tells you so!

So in short, the Virtual Sales Presentation does not only measure activity, a misleading unit of measurement, but it measures effectiveness too, and this is where real ROI can be achieved.

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