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Reducing sales costs is less about cutting budgets and more about measuring effectiveness

We have all heard the expression


With a Virtual Sales Presentation, it is easy to measure the effectiveness of not only an individual presentation but also of a whole campaign or even a staff member. Once you have this knowledge, you can raise the bar across the business by taking the necessary actions required to continuously optimise the sales and marketing process, in turn reducing the cost of a sale.
Take a look at how Ideal Biomass Ltd uses a Virtual Sales Presentation to ensure it is efficient and effective.

Reducing costs

There are several clear examples how a Virtual Sales Presentation can reduce sales cost. Less time spent in the car, on trains and planes traveling to meetings clearly reduces costs, especially if you’re traveling to a prospect that was poorly qualified. Businesses with a high turnover of staff need to rely on processes to ensure that new recruits hit the ground running. The Virtual Sales Presentation takes the load from new recruits by acting as a powerful aid; it doesn’t need time to settle in and it won’t forget any crucial sales points. When a member of staff leaves the business, their sales pipeline does not leave with them.

The Virtual Sales Presentation keeps marketing and selling to that prospect until you tell it to stop!

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The Virtual Sales Presentation, combined with our experience, resources and people, can meet your needs and take your business to the next level.



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